Are You Ready For a Change?


Do you ever feel you are stuck in a rut and long to try something new? Even when your routine is getting tiresome, you can switch things up to experience the excitement that change brings to our lives. The changes can be small and simple.


Try driving a new route to work.

Meet a friend you haven’t seen in a while for dinner.

Go to a place you haven’t been before.

Take up a new activity, like hot yoga, Nordic walking, a book group…


readyforhangeI switch up my life up in the summer when I return to Washington DC to teach in an arts program at Levine School of Music. I helped to found this program over 26 years ago. Four years ago I began teaching five year olds. For three weeks I sing, dance, make art and play with young children.


This is a big change from the teaching I do in my piano studio and the space transformation I make with feng shui clients.

The change does me good, and I return home with my creative juices recharged!
How can you change your activity and your environment to spice up your life and your outlook? Make a small change and watch your world come alive!


To your success,


Mary Roberts

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