This really amazed me!

This really amazed me!

Do you feel so hemmed in by your crowded schedule and your over-stuffed space that taking a vacation is the only way you can relax and renew? Take this lesson from a houseplant, and you will bloom in your own time and right in your own space!

Seven years ago a friend gave me a cutting from a Christmas cactus assuring me it would grow like wild fire. I planted it in an arrangement with a few green plants, and for six years it never grew or bloomed. I dug it out of the pot and almost throw it away. But I decided to give the cactus another chance. I planted it all by itself in a larger pot and moved it to a new location.

When I walked by my Christmas cactus it radiated vibrant energy. Growing and thriving in its own soil and in its own place, my plant sprouted two healthy red buds. By giving my plant a space of its own, I liberated it to enjoy a beautiful new life.

Like my stifled plant, the perfection of your true nature seeks to blossom inside you. Give yourself time and transform your space to allow your magnificence to shine!

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