Clean Your Floors, Lift Your Spirits!

Do you feel stuck and unable to take action?

Are you feeling down-in-the-dumps and wish you could experience more joy in your life?

This simple improvement to your space will boost your emotions! You may find this hard to believe until you experience the results, but clearing and cleaning your floors and carpets lifts your spirits!

I suggest making this improvement to clients who feel stuck and depressed, and I recently enjoyed an inner calm by implementing it myself. What did I do? I had my carpets cleaned! Why did I do it? Our aging dog had marked his spot on our beautiful area rugs. My relatives were coming to visit, and I wanted them to enjoy clean carpets.

The carpet guy arrived and started cleaning the dining room rug. He worked a cleaning fluid into the rug and vacuumed a murky, dark brown liquid into a bucket. For years all that stagnant debris and chemicals sat dormant in the carpet. Finally it was getting released!

sweepingThe floor represents our emotions! When people do not clean their floors or they cover their floors with stuff, it can be a sign of depression. I have consulted with people suffering from depression who covered their floors with a huge array of paraphernalia: boxes of junk, clothes, books, papers, magazines, sticky gooey candy wrappers, snack boxes and chewing gum. When these people removed the items and cleaned the floor, they felt happier.

We can see objects strewn on the floor, but it’s harder to detect dirt and grime. But we are still affected by the things we can’t see! As I watched the polluted, dark liquid from my carpet pour into the bucket, I wondered how its removal would affect me. That night and throughout the week I felt tension dissolve and I slept more soundly than I had in months.

If you want to free yourself from depression, get medical help. To move joyfully forward in your life, clear and clean your floors!

To your success!

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