What Is Feng Shui?

100_6666 - CopyFeng shui is an ancient Chinese method of creating living and working spaces uniquely suited to the individual. Feng shui practitioners study how the built environment affects people, and suggest ways to create spaces that support us to meet the challenges in our lives and to welcome the opportunities. A feng shui environment affirms who we are and what we want from our lives.

Chi’ or vital energy links us to our environment. Feng shui practitioners observe ch’i as it moves in and around everyone and everything. When chi’ flows smoothly in our surroundings, it flows smoothly inside our bodies. Then we feel safe, grounded and flexible to handle our life situations.

When our physical space is blocked, we may feel unable to reach our life purpose. Feng shui adjustments help to remove the blocks creating a smooth flow throughout our living and work spaces, restoring balance to the place and to the person.


Benefits of Feng Shui

We are energetically connected to our environment. Therefore it is possible to change our environment and experience change within ourselves.

Did you know that a large part of successful people’s good fortune is due to their personal and working environments being a certain way? Celebrities such as Donald Trump, Bill Gates, George Clooney, Paula Abdul, and Louise Hay all consult with feng shui experts.

In ancient China feng shui was only available to nobility and people in high positions. Today feng shui is available to anyone who wants to improve their space to become more successful.

After consulting with Mary, clients in the Boston area have experienced positive results:

  • The day after a top New England realtor applied feng shui to her office, she sold a 6.2 million dollar property.
  • A home that was on the market for six months sold in one week.
  • Parents whose son “ruled the roost” experienced a change in family dynamic as they took charge.
  • An unemployed professional suddenly had five job offers.
  • A divorcee transitioned through grief and embarked on a new life path.
  • A Boston fashion designer opened a boutique and, after five years, continues to thrive in her business.


Optimal Times for Feng Shui100_6524

Schedule a feng shui consultation whenever there is a change in your life, or if you desire a change. Some ideal times to schedule a feng shui consultation are:

  •  Selling or buying a home
  •  Building or renovating
  •  Achieving a life goal
  •  Managing a major life transition
  •  Finding a job
  •  Seeking a partner
  •  Improving a relationship
  •  Recovering from illness
  •  Improving finances


Why Choose Successful Spaces?

Since 2001, Successful Spaces has provided hundreds of clients with a clearer pathway leading to a more ideal life. Click to see what a feng shui consultation includes.


“After consulting with Mary, we removed the damaged electronics from our house. In their place we added a water fountain as Mary suggested. Six days later Pete received a new job offer. Now we can remain in our beautiful home and not experience a relocation, which would have been inevitable.”
– M.S. Cary, NC

“I had just purchased a foreclosed property as my first home. I asked Mary to evaluate the house before I moved in. Mary discovered a number of areas that could have caused financial problems. She provided a practical list of solutions to secure and strengthen my financial future.”
– Z.B. Worcester, MA

“I loved our feng shui consultation in my massage suite and found Mary’s suggestions easy to follow and implement. Now I thoroughly enjoy working in my space, and my clients love the feel. August, notoriously the worst month for massage therapists, was the best business I’ve had. Then September was even better than August.”
– L.S. Hopkinton, MA

“After two days of clearing, organizing, and feng shui adjustments with Mary, we are experiencing more energy and serenity. More extended sleep for me has been the norm. The changes Mary made in the living room left us with a good feeling and a desire to continue the process. We look forward to her return.”

–C.S. Hackettstown, NJ

About Mary Roberts

Mary Roberts founded Successful Spaces to create individualized living and working spaces that help people increase productivity and realize their highest potential. She provides insightful support through consultations in private residences, businesses, and college campuses. As a pioneer, educator and leading feng shui authority, Mary brings this ancient wisdom to clients around the world.

“Mary’s teaching and knowledge base is very special. Most unique is her presence while teaching: gentle, focused, without judgement.” –C.V. Newton, MA


Professional Background

            • International Feng Shui Guild Red Ribbon Member and Feng Shui Consultant
            • Graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui – 2001
            • Certified Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator – 2002
            • Graduate of the Boston School of Feng Shui – 2003
            • Affiliate with The Art of Placement – 2004-2009
            • Coursework and private instruction at the I Ching Institute – 2006-2009
            • Graduate of the Pyramid School of Feng Shui – 2008
            • Workshops with H.H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Calgary – 2004-2009

Successful Spaces offers the on-site, virtual and phone feng shui consultations for homes, offices, student housing and real estate. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Mary at 617.653.0730 or mary@successfulspaces.com.

“Successful places produce successful people.” Mary Roberts

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