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On August 12, 2012 I was featured in a Boston Globe article about transitioning from home to college written by Cindy Cantrell. I am posting it now for families preparing to send their students to college. Copies of my book, are available at, or click here for a sneak peek at chapter one.

BEYOND THE BASICS: High school students and their parents typically spend months, if not years, selecting just the right college. Carlisle resident Mary Roberts (inset below) has written a book, “Create Your Space, Create Your Life: Set Yourself Up for Success at College,” to fill the gap once students move into their dorm.

   The professional advice of Roberts, founder of Successful Spaces, in the book is supplemented by first-hand experience provided by recent Brandeis University graduate Chrissy Callahan, a Medford resident who is now an assigning editor at

  Topics in their book include clearing out bedrooms at home; what to bring to college and where to put it; how to arrange furniture while integrating color, lighting, and pleasant sounds; principles of feng shui; keeping a room organized; and the connection between living space at school and quality of life. Approximately 65 photographs illustrate dorm room warnings and success stories across the country.

   According to Roberts, a well-designed environment supports students emotionally as they transition to life away from home, helps them study more efficiently, and makes them feel more relaxed.

   “Many spaces are so small that students are greatly affected by everything in the room,” said Roberts, noting that her own son and daughter practiced her principles during their college years. “My book offers guidance that will provide them with a better experience at college.”

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