Nine Reasons to Stay Clutter Free


I am creating an Action Guide to accompany my E-Kit called The Mystical Pizza: Use the Super Knowledge of Feng Shui to Make Your College Space Work for You (available here) and I came across my list of compelling reasons you can use as motivation to maintain balance in your space and in your life.

1. Security:

When your things are disorganized, people might think you won’t miss them, and just take them!

2. Respect:

A messy space says you don’t care about yourself. When your space is tidy, people notice you and not the mess.

3. Control:

A cluttered space tells people you lack self-control, and that it might be easy to take advantage of you:

4. Sociability:

When you live with piles of junk, you may be too embarrassed to have visitors.

5. Productivity:

Clutter clouds your thinking and slows you down. A clear desk or table makes it easier to tackle your projects.

6. Problem-Solving:

There is no place for your ideas to land when your surfaces are cluttered.

7. Increased Energy:

Energy stagnates around your clutter, robbing you of energy. Space allows energy to move and makes you feel livelier.

8. Optimism:

When clutter covers your floor, you have a hopeless feeling. Lift your spirits by having a clear and clean floor space.

9. Presentness:

If you fill your space with too many things that remind you of the past, you might be so preoccupied with your previous life that you miss out on current experiences. Remove excess memorabilia and see new possibilities.



Yesterday I cleared and organized a friend’s drawer. Now when she opens it she can access her pens, note pads, take out menus and phone books. Now the drawers functions at its best and opening it invokes a feeling of mastery and organization!




What will you do today to create space and order in your life so that you feel in control?

To your success!


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