Jump-start Your College Success: Create Your Ideal Space.

The most important "textbook" you'll read for college. There’s more to “the move to college” than the move itself. And while students all over the world are packing their suitcases, they’re also about to make the emotional transition of a lifetime. This is a time when students need a little extra help, and “Jump-Start Your College Success” is here to give it to them. This book is the college student’s ultimate guide to turning the college living space into a pathway to success, and will help guide students through their most difficult moments and their greatest achievements.

How will this book benefit college-bound students and their parents? After reading this book, students will jump-start their move from high school to college by clearing out and organizing their home bedrooms before leaving for college. They will be guided through a transition process that will prepare them to live their new lives at college. Students will discover the connection between their living space (their dorm) and their quality of life at school. In the process, they will learn how to take control of their dorm room and use it to help achieve their goals. Students will gain valuable advice on everything from what to bring to college and where to put it, to how to clean their rooms. By the time they finish the book, students will be ready to begin this new chapter in their lives with the confidence and self-understanding necessary to succeed.

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