Sleep and Your Success

Many factors contribute to your success, and sleep may be one of the most important factors in determining how you succeed on a daily basis. When out-of-balance, your bedroom climate and décor can keep you from falling asleep, interrupt your sleep or affect how many solid hours of sleep you get each night. Here are five quick and easy tips that you can implement today to ensure that your bedroom supports restful sleep.

1. Create a comfortable bedroom climate by opening windows to circulate fresh cool air and to lower the temperature in your bedroom. Being too hot or too cold are both sleep no-nos.

2. Lower blinds and shades and close curtains to darken your bedroom. Light sends a signal to the brain that it’s time to be up and active, not that it’s time for rest. The darker your bedroom is, the better you will fall asleep and stay asleep.

3. Decorate your bedroom with a calming color scheme, like pale blue and green. Avoid bright colors, like red and orange, as they stimulate the mind and body and are not conducive to rest and relaxation.

4. Reserve your bedroom for intimacy and sleep only. Remove exercise equipment and office equipment from your bedroom today! These items are action items, and having them in your bedroom will prevent you from sleeping soundly; moreover, they are distractions that will keep you from going to bed early enough to get the sleep your body needs.

5. Place calming artwork on your walls. Seascapes and nature scenes are very good choices for the bedroom. Move your loud and abstract artwork to another area in your home.

If you have implemented steps one through five and still are not sleeping soundly, make sure you have the ideal bed setup! Have a solid wall behind the head of your bed, and place your bed to the side of the door so that you can see your whole room and the door.

Creating a bedroom that is comfortable, quiet and calm is one of the best ways to ensure you will get to sleep easily, stay asleep soundly and wake up refreshed and ready embrace the success you were born for!

To your success,
Mary Roberts

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