The Restorative Power of Nature

How often do you give yourself the gift of being in nature? In New England we have had 10 days of exquisite weather. Today I played tennis at 6 AM and swam at Walden pond.

Nature’s restorative power is there for every one of us to tap into for personal rejuvenation.

Here are four ways to refresh and renew yourself in nature:

1. Go outside and inhale the fresh air sending oxygen to your brain and giving you a mental break.

2. Exercise to increase cognition, improve memory, reduce stress, and alleviate depression.

3. Look up at the sky to expand your consciousness and to tap into your creative ideas.

4. Create a nature focal point in your office by hanging a landscape image in your site line. Gaze at this beautiful image throughout the day to refresh your mind and body.

waldenpondpicStudies show that hospital patients who view a nature scene heal faster than those who view a cityscape, and children who view nature from their classroom windows learn more effectively than those who view a cityscape.

Connect to nature through out the day and give yourself more vitality to feel and function at your best.

To your success!

Mary Roberts

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